9 Pregnancy Essentials for Surviving the Third Trimester

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If you’re in your third trimester or fast approaching, you’ll find this list of third trimester essentials helpful.

I am well into my third trimester… almost out of it actually – 5 weeks and counting. As much as I welcomed the third trimester, it has probably been the toughest one for me.

Nothing out of the ordinary by any means but it is definitely tougher to chase a busy 17-month-old around than work a corporate America job behind a desk 10+ hours a day!

I am ready to meet this little baby, but not before I share my third trimester essentials with you.

9 Pregnancy Essentials for Surviving the First Trimester

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TUMS and PEPCID: I don’t remember my heartburn being so persistent when I was pregnant with my first child. Perhaps it is the more up/down and bending down I do throughout the day, but Pepcid and Tums are a necessity to get me through the day and night comfortably.


EARTH MAMA ANGEL BABY HEARTBURN TEA: I drink this tea nightly and usually multiple times a day. In combo with essential #1, this tea helps relieve some of my symptoms rather immediately. It has marshmallow root to help coat your throat and reduce the symptoms of heartburn. Not to mention it is a delicious mint tea.

heartburn tea

CARDIGAN – for those that see me on a regular basis, I know you are thinking – “essential? I thought this was the only article of clothing you owned?!?” I love this, though. It is super comfy but still looks nice enough to dress up.


L’OCCTAINE ULTRA RICH SHEA BUTTER BODY CREAM: Surprisingly, my husband found this awesome body cream for me and I love it. It is pricey but worth it. My dermatologist mentioned shea butter being superior to cocoa butter, so on her advice, I am going the shea butter route this time around.

body cream

INGRID & ISABEL BELLABAND – I am not wearing jeans all that often but when I do, my Bellaband is a must-have. The Bellaband grows with you through all stages of your pregnancy, and at this point, I should call it a belly belt because it really helps in keeping my maternity jeans in a comfortable spot. I am looking forward to wearing this post-baby too as I ease back into my real jeans.

belly band

INGRID & ISABEL ACTIVE PANT WITH CROSSOVER PANEL: These pants are taking the maternity world by storm and for good reason. They are awesome. Seriously. They are made for pregnant ladies. The four-way stretch fabric is comfortable, breathable and moisture-wicking but it is also flattering. My favorite feature is the cross backed panel. It helps tuck those “love handles” right in and prevents any spillage over the top if you know what I mean.

Water, water and more water – I seriously can’t go anywhere without a bottle of water. At the moment, I have been toting around my Tervis water bottle. I can’t say enough good things about Tervis, I am obsessed.

maternity pants

STARBUCKS – I don’t get there as much as I would like, but coffee is essential at this point. I stick to one cup a day, and on those days I can make it to Starbucks I am one happy mama. Love my tall soy cappuccinos (with an extra shot).


LEGGINGS: I live in leggings. I sleep in my cropped ones with a big t-shirt and wear long ones all day long. They aren’t maternity, just a bigger size in regular, which seems to work just fine worn below my belly. And the best part is, I will totally be able to wear them post-pregnancy. This legging obsession isn’t ending with this pregnancy! I never knew a girl could love leggings so much.