8 Ways to Speed Up Healing After a Vaginal Birth

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Postpartum recovery after vaginal birth is an important thing to prepare for if you’re getting close to your due date.

After having a vaginal delivery, you can expect to experience perineum soreness, pain, and swelling. This pain can last up to six weeks.

Being prepared with vaginal healing and recovery tips will make sure you have the resources you need to speed up your healing after giving birth to your baby. This means a reduction in pain and swelling, as well as faster recovery.

If you want to know how to heal faster after having a vaginal delivery, here are eight helpful tips.

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How to Speed Up Healing After a Vaginal Birth

1. Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can be very beneficial for postpartum recovery. This type of bath involves sitting in just enough water to cover your hips. You don’t need to add anything to the water in order to experience the amazing benefits of this type of bath.

Sitz baths can help dissolve these stitches. Don’t worry, though, as they won’t dissolve too quickly. Sitz baths will just ensure that the stitches don’t stick around after they are no longer needed. If you are experiencing pain from your stitches, sitz baths may prove to be very beneficial.

There are quite a few reasons why postpartum women should take sitz baths. You can read more in my article 6 Benefits of Sitz Bathf for postpartum Recovery.

Sitz Soak Bath Salt is a great product to use for you sitz baths.

2. Perineal Ice and Heat Packs

Perineal ice and heat packs are a must-have for postpartum moms. These ice packs will help bring relief to c-section pain, perineal tears, stitches, and more.

To save money, you can also create DIY padsicles. Padsicles are homemade cold packs for your vaginal area. Pretty Providence has a great tutorial for creating your own padsicles.

3. Painkillers

Take an anti-inflammatory such as Advil to help with pain and swelling. Please keep in mind that ibuprofen can irritate your stomach, so always take them with food.

4. Stay Hydrated

With all of the new changes happening in your life, it can be easy to overlook the importance of staying hydrated. Keeping hydrated is crucial not only for health and healing but for your well-being too.

Staying hydrated will help replace the fluids in your body, helping to prevent constipation, urinary problems, hemorrhoids, and swelling.

5. Peri Bottle

The Peri Bottle will help you cleanse and wash your perineal area. When you leave the hospital, they will probably give you a peri bottle to take home. I like this particular bottle because of it’s angled design.

6. Stool Softeners

If you have given vaginal birth and received stitches, you’ll want to pick up some stool softener. This will help prevent straining and irritation to tears and stitches.

7. Change Pad Often

To prevent infection, it’s essential that you change your pad frequently. Along with purchasing absorbent pads, you’ll also want to buy breathable mesh underwear. The hospital will probably give you a few pair of mesh underwear. I recommend having your own stash of comfortable mesh underwear too. Changing your pad often and wearing mesh underwear will help you stay dry and comfortable while you heal.

8. Perineal Spray

A cooling perineal spray will help reduce discomfort after childbirth. I recommend the Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray because it includes natural ingredients such as antibacterial lavender, witch hazel, and cooling peppermint essential oil.

I hope these postpartum recovery tips to help heal after a vaginal birth help you heal faster.

Along with these tips, it’s also important that you rest as much as possible.

Recovery time after delivery will differ from person to person. Doing what you can to take care of yourself will help reduce pain, and speed up the healing journey.