8 Bath Time Essentials for Toddlers

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As your little one gets older, you’ll find yourself in need of toddler bath time essentials. In this post, I’ll be sharing my must-have bath essentials for toddlers.

1. Spout Cover

This seems so obvious but as bathtime becomes a playtime of sorts it is important to have the metal spout cover to prevent your little one from bumping their heads.

Bonus: spout covers are getting super cute! We went with this SKIP HOP BATH SPOUT COVER and in addition to serving its protective purpose, it is also a friendly face when my little one gets in the tub.

2. Bubble Bath

What bath would be complete without Bubble Bath?!? We love the JOHNSON’S BABY BEDTIME BUBBLE BATH – it smells amazing and also doubles as a body wash.

3. Shampoo Rinse Cup

A shampoo rinse cup helps make the hair washing process a bit smoother. My little one doesn’t like water in her face and this RINSE CUP FROM NUBY helps keep the water and shampoo (even though we use tear-free) out of her face. It is also great for rinsing the body and can even double as a toy from time to time!

4. Bath Toys

Bathtime is not complete without toys. There are several kinds of toys that I like for bathtime: educational toys (like LETTER AND NUMBERS that stick to the sides of the tubs and walls when wet), double-duty toys (like these awesome SCOOPS BY SKIP HOP), SQUIRTING TOYS (in fun animal shapes) and stacking cups.

Another fun option is BATH TIME BOOKS which adds a bit more excitement and an educational spin!

5. Toy Storage

In our home bath time is not always a breeze so having toys in there helps to distract. At the end of the bath I am left with a handful of toys that I am never sure what to do with – enter products like the BATH ORGANIZER.

This organizer can be suctioned to your tub and hold all of your little one’s bath accessories until the next time.

6. Bath Scoop

A Bath Scoop ties into the organizer- it allows you to “scoop” up all of the floating toys in a single motion and drains the water so that they can go right into the organizer or any other toy storage you choose.

Some scoops, double as the storage component. Like the BOON FROG POD which conveniently suction to the side of the tub for out of the way storage.

7. Kneeling Pad

I have been using folded towels under my knees for cushion (not ideal) but several companies make knee pads designed to be used for bath time.

They range from being plain to being a more whimsical whale depending on your motif- I am planning on getting this MILLIARD KNEELING PAD because it is simple and easy to move when I am not using it. However, there are many good options out there some of which include storage which could be handy.

8. Bath Wraps

I have mentioned before that I am a lover of hooded towels so as my toddler grows, I want to be able to wrap her up so that she is cuddly and warm after her bath. Companies have been doing a great job making some really cute hooded towels for your growing tot- right now I am loving these BATH WRAPS.