7 Must-Have Products for Your Two-Month-Old Baby

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I know everyone says it, but time really does fly when you are watching your little one grow. How is my baby already two months old and over eleven pounds?

In addition to being a full two pounds bigger this month, she (and we) also have some new favorite baby products. I’m sharing seven of my must-have products for my two-month-old baby.

Must-Have Products for Your Two-Month-Old Baby

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym

The baby is loving this rainforest gym. She is mesmerized by the lights and “dances” around to the upbeat music. The ability to move the attachable toys around is a plus and keeps things interesting.

I think she could spend hours laughing, smiling and cooing at the lights and bright colors – it’s so fun to watch her enjoy this.

Although, she doesn’t like tummy time on this mat as it is a little slick so she can’t get the traction she needs. All in all, though this is a hit and great for stimulation and a little fun.

Cloud B Soothing Sounds Giraffe

2. Cloud B Soothing Sounds Giraffe

I’m not sure if the baby or I like this guy better! The Soothing Sounds Giraffe comes in “large” or “travel size.” We have two of the larger size – one clipped to the inside of her stroller and the other to the side of her car seat.

There are four soothing settings with adjustable volume and a timer. In addition to the sound, the Gentle Giraffe is always greeted with a big smile from the baby, which makes my day.

When she was inconsolable after her 2-month shots, we put this guy on “sleep” mode, and along with a swaddle and rocking in mamas arms, she was soothed. In my mind, these cute, portable guys are must-haves!

Burp Cloths

3. Burp Cloths

One could argue burp cloths are a fairly unglamorous baby product, and I couldn’t help but agree. However, they have become a staple over my shoulder these days.

The burpy bibs fit perfectly over your shoulder and are made of super soft muslin. We also received some darling monogrammed burp cloths, which I am a big fan of as well.

Regardless of the type, burp cloths are definitely one of my favorite things these days.

Infantino Tag Along Chimes

4. Infantino Tag Along Chimes

I know what you’re thinking – her car seat must be totally overwhelming with these. These guys are front and center, and she LOVES them.

They make her smile and keep her occupied while riding in the car.

We recently went on a road trip, and these little chimes definitely kept her happy (when she was awake). They can also clip on pack ‘n plays, strollers or anything else you can think of!

Mustela Bath Products

5. Mustela Bath Products

As baths have become more frequent (and enjoyable) we really love the Mustela products. We were given the gift set pictured and like each and every product.

The foam shampoo for cradle cap worked wonders for us as well as the lotion.

The hair and body wash has become a bath time staple and is easy to wash off. The facial cleansing cloths are great for face and neck cleaning in between full baths.

With Mustela products, the baby has been free of any skin irritation, and in addition, they have a nice, fresh scent.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

6. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

I love this tub! After thorough research on infant tubs, I settled on this one and am glad I did. It is a great size and super lightweight.

While at first, bath time with an infant can be nerve-racking, I have always felt comfortable with this tub, and the baby seems to find it comfortable.

Changing Pad

7. Changing Pad

I know, weird thing to have as a favorite item right? Well not only is it great for the obvious, but the baby loves to “dance” and kick around on her changing pad!

Sometimes she fusses, and once placed on the changing pad she is all smiles.

We bring it into the living room and with close supervision, let her hang out on it and have fun. I think the kicking of her legs helps her gas tremendously, so her dancing actually makes her feel better!

Since the womb, she has been busy, and the changing pad gives her a place to move freely while still being comfortable!

There you have it, a round-up of our favorite baby products at the two-month stage!