40+ Creative Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

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One of my favorite things to add to my bullet journal are trackers. There are so many different trackers you can add to your bullet journal.

There are mood trackers, fitness trackers, self-care trackers, habit trackers, holiday trackers and more.

In this post, you’ll find a wide variety of creative bullet journal tracker ideas. Before I share the trackers, make sure you check out my favorite bullet journal tools below.

Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Leuchtturm1917: This is my all-time favorite notebook to use for journaling. There’s no better journal in my opinion.
  • iBayam Colored Pens: I love these pens. They’re affordable, you get just the right amount of colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to colored pens for my bullet journal.
  • Journal Stencils: When I first began journaling, I wondered how people made such perfect shapes in their journals. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered these journal stencils.

Bullet Journal Trackers

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lemon or orange slice mood tracker
Credit: @bujo.by.lo

I love this lemon or orange slice mood tracker. This is a simple and creative way to track your mood.

kite mood tracker
Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

Kites are actually really easy and fun to draw. I love the idea of using kites to track your mood. I also love the colors used here.

squares mood tracker
Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

This mood tracker is so simple, yet still looks really nice. I really love the header design used for this tracker.

wall decor mood tracker
Credit: @marthasjournal

I love the trackers that use wall decorations for tracking your mood. This tracker uses books, mugs, plants and more that are on shelves.

scarf mood tracker
Credit: @plinthced

Once the fall comes around, this tracker would be perfect for tracking your mood. You could also adjust the theme based on the season.

reindeer mood tracker
Credit: @xpaperwingsx

Here’s a tracker that’s perfect for December. It has a great Christmas theme that’s so creative and cute.

candy cane mood tracker
Credit: @thejournaltea

This Christmas mood tracker uses candy canes to track your daily mood. I love this festive tracker.

flag mood tracker
Credit: @paperi.lintu

If you love bunting, I think that it would be fun to create a bunting themed mood tracker. Choose your favorite colors and designs for your triangles.

instagram mood tracker
Credit: @bujowithnato

I’m loving this cute and creative Instagram tracker. What a fun way to track your followers on Instagram.

bubbles mood tracker
Credit: @allcutified

If you love a good bubble bath, I know you can appreciate this bubble bath mood tracker. I love the candles sitting by the bath tub too.

milk tea mood tracker
Credit: @thelamejournal

Wow, this mood tracker is stunning. I would love to create something like this for my bullet journal. The artist was so creative with this spread.

roses mood tracker
Credit: @bujoandcookies

You can’t go wrong with a simple floral mood tracker. This spread uses roses to track your daily mood. Choose your own favorite flower to track your mood.

instagram mood tracker
Credit: @wiscobujo

Here’s another Instagram tracker that I really love. You don’t have to track your Instagram followers with this spread. You can track whatever you’d like.

crystals mood tracker
Credit: @izstudying

Crystal themed trackers are always a lot of fun to draw. This spread also includes the moon, clouds, and a crystal ball.

sleep tracker
Credit: @mashaplans

If you’d like to keep track of your sleep, consider making a sleep tracker. I love the overall design of this sleep tracker.

water tracker
Credit: @wellellabujo

Creating a water tracker is a simple way to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

year in pixels tracker
Credit: @bujowithbeth

I love the idea of tracking your mood using a yearly pixel tracker. This would be really nice to look back on once the year is complete.

mailbox mood tracker
Credit: @smallestdot

Isn’t this a really cute mood tracker? This tracker would be perfect for the month of February because it has a love theme.

book tracker
Credit: @creativefiggy

If you love to read books, keep track of the books you read every month with this book tracker.

gratitude log
Credit: @magicalbujo

This gratitude log has a fall theme, but you can change the design based on the time of year. I love the idea of tracking what you’re grateful for every day.

day planner for bullet journal
Credit: @planwithmaddy

What is your ideal day? Plan out your idea day with this simple tracker. What a fun way to plan out your daily schedule.

floral mood tracker
Credit: @wildeyesbujo

Here’s a mood and habit tracker that I think is just gorgeous. The font, design, and colors all go so well together.

rainbow mood tracker
Credit: @littleolivebujo

I think that this mood tracker would be great for the month of April because the rainbow and rain drops remind me of spring.

sleep tracker
Credit: @bujowithpau

This sleep tracker is a bit more advanced, but looks great. Not only does it have great art, but the font used here is fantastic.

snail habit tracker
Credit: @jjournalfairy

This is such a fun and cute habit tracker. You’ll use snails to track your monthly habits, such as reading, working out, etc.

workout challenge spread
Credit: @littleolivebujo

If you’re participating in a workout challenge, consider using this workout challenge tracker as a reference.

purple gratitude log
Credit: @magicalbujo

Live in gratitude with a daily gratitude tracker. I would love to do something similar to this using daises.

water tracker with doodles
Credit: @mashaplans

This water tracker shows you the benefits of drinking water, which is a great motivator to keep you on track.

mood tracker with moon
Credit: @jashiicorrin

This mood tracker is very unique and creative. Using stencils can help you create perfect circles like the ones in this spread.

habit tracker with pear drawings
Credit: @jamdoodless

This habit tracker is so lovely. I love the pear and fruit slices and the color palette. “Success comes from what you do consistently.”

habit tracker with retro drink drawing
Credit: @tritopus_

This habit tracker is simple and uses a fun blue and purple pastel color palette. I love this 30 day habit tracker.

couch to 5k tracker
Credit: @doodlelou.co

If you’re doing the couch to 5k challenge, this is a great tracker reference for you. A wellness and mood tracker is also included.

black and gold sleep tracker
Credit: @cynthiabujo

This sleep tracker reminds me of The Great Gatsby movie with the design and gold and black color scheme.

netflix and chill tracker
Credit: @da__kaa

If you want to have a little fun, create a Netflix and Chill tracker. What a great way to keep track of the TV shows that you watch.

selfcare bingo
Credit: @hayleys.bujo

Keep track of your self-care practices with this self-care bingo spread. The more you practice self-care, the closer you get to achieving a bingo.

study tracker
Credit: @lisenlettering

Here’s a simple way to keep track of the time you spend studying. I love this minimalist studying spread.

yellow and black study tracker
Credit: @littlebyjoy

If you’re looking for a minimalist tracker idea, this study tracker provides you with a simple way to track whatever you’d like.

sleep log
Credit: @purplepotatou

This sleep log features cans of fruit juice and uses different fruit colors to track your daily mood.

monthly habit tracker
Credit: @teanbujo

I really love this habit tracker. This tracker logs things like exercise, healthy eating, and skincare.

reading tracker
Credit: @whimsical.doodles

Here’s another creative reading tracker. Each time you finish a book, you’ll fill in the title on one of the books on your shelf.

succulent mood tracker
Credit: @wildeyesbujo

If you’re looking for plant bullet journal spread ideas, this habit and mood tracker is perfect for you.

sleep and mood tracker
Credit: @ann.calligraphy

These sleep and mood trackers are so simple and creative. I love how straight forward both of these trackers are.

I hope this post has given you some great ideas for your next bullet journal tracker.