22 Cute Short Nail Design Ideas for Women

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You don’t have to have long nails to have beautiful nails. These short nail design ideas for women are proof of that. If you want to be inspired for your next manicure, but can’t seem to find inspiration for shorter nails, check out these ideas below.

If you have medium or long nails, no worries, these design will look great on your nails too.

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Red Hearts

These fun red heart nails are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Switch things up by changing the color or placement of your hearts. You could also use a different base color too.

valentine's day nails

Credit: _beautyhq

black and brown nails

Credit: _by_shelley

Blue and Gold French Tips

Put a twist on your classic French tips nail design by using different colors like blue and gold. Add a little glitter to give your nails some pizzazz.

blue and gold french tips

Credit: _sarytale_

flower nail designs

Credit: alicja.mach

Gold Dotted Nails

Try something totally unique with these gold and white nails. They have a beautiful abstract appearance that’s sure to make your nails stand out from the crowd.


Credit: anetaujwary

botanical nails

Credit: anii_nails

Minimalist Black Nails

Keep things simple with this minimalist black nail design. What I love about these nails is that they can be done at home, meaning, no need to go to a nail technician if you want beautiful nails.

minimalists black nails

Credit: barebeauty_byhannah

coral nails

Credit: d.nailparadise

Gold Foil Nails

These gold foil nails are beautiful and simple. They are perfect for a night out or a day at the office. You can do these nails yourself using gold foil flakes.

gold foil nails

Credit: elizabsmith_

black and white nails

Credit: fizzzynails

Swirl Nails

These swirl nails are just perfect for the fall and winter season. But what I love about them is that they will look great during any time of the year. Play around with different colors to give your nails a look unique to you.

swirl nails

Credit: gemma_c_labellenails

black and white french tips

Credit: raelondonnails

Black and Gold French Tips

These black and gold French tips are the perfect nails for New Year’s. Other color combinations would work great too, such as red and gold, green and gold, blue and gold, and so much more.

new years nails

Credit: nahdel.nails

multicolor nails

Credit: nailed.beautyroom

Eggshell Nails

I call these eggshell nails because the they remind me of the coating of an Easter egg. Use colors that match the holiday or time of year for a seasonal design.

eggshell nails

Credit: nails_and_styles_

brown almond nails

Credit: ohsoprettyxo

Leopard Print Nails

These leopard print nails are stunning and would look good on anyone, regardless of your nail shape or length. The tan color looks great, but you could do this look with other colors too.

leopard print nails

Credit: polishedxvanessa

green and orange nails

Credit: prettynailsbyanca

Dots and Swirls

Not only is the design for these nails fantastic, but the color palette looks amazing too. These nails would also look great with different shades of pink, purple, and more.

black brown and white nails

Credit: rebanails

colorful christmas nails

Credit: theglamshedtuxford

No matter how short your nails are, you can still have a beautiful manicure. We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your next look.