17 Watercolor Flower Paintings for Inspiration

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In this post, I’ve rounded up 17 beautiful watercolor flower paintings. I’ve always been a fan of watercolor. In particular, I love beautiful floral watercolor paintings.

If you’re looking for watercolor inspiration, you’re sure to find it here. I think you’ll love browsing these beautiful paintings.

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pink and blue watercolor flowers
Credit: artsanddesignsbymarie

What I love about this painting are the soft pastel colors. The color palette goes so well together.

floral canvas
Credit: atuflower

This painting uses acrylic paint, but can still be used as inspiration for your watercolor painting. A flower painting like this would make a great gift for a loved on. Especially for holidays like Mother’s Day.

easy floral watercolor
Credit: farahnabeelakhan

If you’re looking for a beginner friendly painting, give this one a try.

red and green watercolor flowers
Credit: jaquelinelaux

I think that this floral painting would look great on a handmade card for a friend or family member.

green leaves
Credit: mit.liebe.gelettert

I love the art style used to create this painting. The different shades of green go so well together.

leaves and fruit
Credit: atelier_bonjourcouleurs

I love these simple watercolor leaf doodles. One of the doodles even includes beautiful hand painted fruit.

holly berries
Credit: bytinb

This painting would look wonderful in a frame. It would make such a great addition to your home decor.

pink purple and green flowers
Credit: farahnabeelakhan

I love how this paper is filled with beautiful pink and purple flowers.

Credit: floramourbysonu

If you’re a fan of bright colors, I think you’ll love this yellow, orange, and green painting.

small plant doodles
Credit: markdisha

This picture shows a beautiful collection of succulent watercolor painting ideas. I love the chosen color palette.

yellow flower
Credit: markdisha

If you’re a beginner, try this super simple watercolor sunflower painting.

watercolor pink and purple flowers
Credit: ninartbyheart

This watercolor flower painting is so simple to recreate and makes a great painting reference.

orange pink and white flowers
Credit: sherryleestudio

Not only do I love this painting, but I love the color combination the artists chose.

gold framed flowers
Credit: theafterseven

If you love muted colors, I think that this painting makes a great watercolor painting reference.

yellow and pink flowers
Credit: etchr_lab

These simple watercolor flowers are great for practicing and improving your watercolor skills.

pink flowers with green leaves
Credit: thedoodletoodleeffect

This picture shows a piece of watercolor art that would make a great handmade bookmark.