16 Brilliant Kitchen Organization Ideas and Hacks

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The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my home. I love to cook, and for me, the kitchen is where memories are made.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen as I do, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of having a clean and organized kitchen.

I’ll be sharing 16 brilliant kitchen organization ideas and hacks for you to try at home.

organize cups
Credit: mikaperry

Install drawers in your kitchen cabinets to organize your kids’ cups, bowls, plates, and more.

organize spices
Credit: thatorganizedkitchen

Label your spices and store them in a drawer so that you can easily find the spices you’re looking for.

organize rubber gloves
Credit: crappy2happy

Use command hooks and binder clips to store your cleaning gloves and cloths.

organize lids
Credit: simplebites

This is such a clever way to organize the lids in your cabinets. You can find a similar pot lid rack on Amazon.

organize fruit and veggie
Credit: thatorganizedkitchen

Use plastic bins to organize the produce items in your refrigerator.

organize cupcake pans
Cedit: reallife.realeasy

This kitchen hack is a great way to organize your cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cutting boards.

organize pantry items
Credit: organizebham

Take a look at this simple and affordable way to organize your snacks.

organize under sink
Credit: organizebham

If you’re tired of looking at the cluttered mess underneath your kitchen sink, use plastic bins to organize your dish soap and more.

organize cans in pantry
Credit: pb&jstories

What a great way to organize the canned goods in your pantry. I love this stackable can organizer on Amazon.

kitchen shelf storage
Credit: mydarlingchaos

This is a great way to store your kitchen items if you don’t have a pantry in your home or need more storage space in your kitchen.

rice and flour storage
Credit: seevanessacraft

Check out how the items on the door are being stored. What a brilliant idea.

store food in jars
Credit: thehomeedit

Use glass jars to store your oatmeal, pasta, and more. This idea works perfectly if you purchase your dry goods from the bulk bins at your local grocery store. Similar storage jars can be found here.

how to organize utensils
Credit: inspirationformoms

Trays like this look so great in the kitchen. And they’re especially helpful when they’re turntable trays like this one. I have one and I love it.

refrigerator organization
Credit: thehomeedit

Here’s another great idea for organizing the items in your refrigerator. I think keeping food in bins looks great in the fridge!

wine organization
Credit: thatorganizedkitchen

If you’re short on pantry space, you can use a bookshelf for storing your kitchen goods.

organized pantry with pastel containers
Credit: fromgreatbeginnings

This is the ultimate kitchen pantry. Not only is all the food stored and organized, but there are also boards for writing to-do lists, grocery lists, and menus.

organize cereal
Credit: jfandcompany

I really love the color scheme of this kitchen. Plus, I think it’s so creative how the cereal is stored on the counter top.

organize wax paper and more
Credit: listotic

What a simple and creative way to organize your wax paper, cling wrap, and more.

pantry organization with wood boxes
Credit: _sevillafam

Use plastic and wooden storage containers to organize your pantry items.

organized pantry with plastic bins
Credit: thatorganizedkitchen

This pantry is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a large variety of storage containers, I highly recommend going to The Container Store.