15 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads That Will Inspire You

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Often, when we see bullet journal spreads, they’re bright and colorful.

You may be wondering, where are all of the minimalist bullet journal spreads?

We’ll they’re out there, and in this post, I’ve rounded up 15 minimalist bullet journal ideas that will inspire you.

I’m one of those people that gravitate towards colorful bullet journal spreads.

I love when journals feature cute doodles and shapes. That’s totally my bullet journal style.

However, I can’t deny that there’s something so beautiful and satisfying about browsing minimalist bullet journals.

The clean lines, the white space; it’s simply stunning. If you prefer minimalism when it comes to your journal, I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this post.

But before I get into the minimalist bullet journal spreads, here are a few of my favorite bullet journal tools.

Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Leuchtturm1917: This is my all-time favorite notebook to use for journaling. There’s no better journal in my opinion.
  • iBayam Colored Pens: I love these pens. They’re affordable, you get just the right amount of colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to colored pens for my bullet journal.
  • Journal Stencils: When I first began journaling, I wondered how people made such perfect shapes in their journals. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered these journal stencils.

There are so many bullet journal tools out there for you to try. Test out different tools until you find your tried-and-true tools. Have fun!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads

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august weekly planner

I love the touch of yellow that’s been added to this simple spread. It gives it a simple and creative feel.

Credit: @bookofnotes

ways to earn freedom and trust

Your bullet journal spread doesn’t have to have a bunch of drawings. You can let your beautiful handwriting shine.

Credit: @craftydeesigns

january planner with flowers

This simple black and white spread looks gorgeous with the hand drawn flowers on the edges of the pages.

Credit @bujototheminimal

academic overview

Here’s a simple way to keep track of your education requirements. To add color, you can highlight the headings.

Credit: @the_potato_journal

black and white weekly planner

I love the simplicity of this weekly planner. I also really like the addition of the flower at the end of the planner.

Credit: @sosteffso

last replaced tracker

This minimalist tracker allows you to keep track of the last time you replaced certain items like your tooth brush or contacts.

Credit: @studyquill

november planner

A simple spread like this can easily be customized based on what you need to keep track of or plan.

Credit: @booksofnotes

simple weekly planner

This is one of my favorite minimalist spreads. I love how neat the handwriting is, and the touch of color.

Credit: @studywithinspo

study goals

I really enjoy the black and white spreads that have just a hint of color. They look gorgeous.

Credit: @slowbujo

habit tracker with flower in jar graphic

What a simple and beautiful way to keep track of your habits. I love the addition of the quote and flower drawing.

Credit: @bujojane

modern weekly planner minimalist

This black and white spread is a great way to organize your weeks. I love the addition of the printed labels.

Credit: @journalspiration

organized bullet journal planner

If you have gorgeous handwriting, this spread would look great in your bullet journal.

Credit: @ajournalbyannie

january weekly planner with modern look

This minimalist spreads looks so amazing. I love writing out lists, so this is my favorite type of spread.

Credit: @flyingpaperwords

daily schedule

Here’s a simple way to keep track of your daily schedule. You can change up your chart based on your own creativity.

Credit: @studioarco.art

bullet journal quote page

Here’s a creative way to do your daily spread. If you have the time, you can write out an inspiring quote.

Credit: @study.n.journal