12 Unique Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas

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Bullet journal mood trackers are a fun and creative way to keep track of your mood.

You can track whether you’re feeling happy, sad, angry, excited, stressed, and more.

While mood trackers are easy enough to create, it makes things a lot more interesting if you can make tracking your mood fun, even on the days when you’re not feeling your best.

That’s where these creative bullet journal mood trackers come into play.

But before I get into the mood trackers, here are a few of my favorite bullet journal tools.

Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

Leuchtturm1917: This is my all-time favorite notebook to use for journaling. There’s no better journal in my opinion.

iBayam Colored Pens: I love these pens. They’re affordable, you get just the right amount of colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to colored pens for my bullet journal.

Journal Stencils: When I first began journaling, I wondered how people made such perfect shapes in their journals. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered these journal stencils.

There are so many bullet journal tools out there for you to try. Test out different tools until you find your tried-and-true tools. Have fun!

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12 Unique Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas to Try

mood clouds

Track your mood daily by filling in the facial expression that best fits your mood.

Credit: @kitoremi

sushi mood tracker

This tracker features yummy foods. You can do something similar with your favorite foods.

Credit: @cute.bujo.trackers

coffee mood tracker

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, consider creating a coffee or tea themed mood tracker.

Credit: @otrio.stationery

retro mood tracker

This mood tracker has a fun retro feel. I absolutely love this theme.

Credit: @bujowith.m

lavender mood tracker

Flowers are always a fun way to keep track of your mood. You can use different flowers like daisies, and more.

Credit: @plslars

cactus mood tracker

If you love cacti, consider creating a mood tracker that uses your favorite plant.

Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

bath mood tracker

This is one of my favorite mood trackers. I love bubble baths, so this design is right up my alley.

Credit: @allcutified

paint mood tracker

Here’s another great mood tracker that features paint on a canvas. What a fun and creative idea.

Credit @ldtagebuch

gumball mood tracker

I love the gumball machine design. Each day you’ll color in a gumball to match your mood.

Credit: @liaarence

large cactus mood tracker

Here’s another cactus themed tracker, but this one features just one cactus. Color in a piece of the cactus daily.

Credit: @punktkariert.de

pencil tracker

This pencil themed mood tracker is so simple yet creative. You would switch your up by including pencils and erasers.

Credit: @studypoof

popsicle mood tracker

This mood tracker would be perfect for the summer months. There’s also a matching habit tracker if you’re looking for any ideas.

Credit: @bulletjournal.elin

Now that you’ve found some unique bullet journal mood trackers, here is a list of emotions you can consider using for your tracker.

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Cheeky
  • Amazed
  • Energetic
  • Peaceful
  • Powerful
  • Jealous
  • Withdrawn
  • Distant
  • Fearful
  • Playful
  • Content
  • Proud
  • Joyful