12 Bullet Journal Money Trackers to Manage Your Finances

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Bullet journal money trackers are a fun way to organize and manage your money.

I love using trackers in my bullet journal to keep track of my money, and even participate in monthly or yearly money challenges.

I’m currently participating in a $5,000 in 52 weeks money challenge. As you can probably guess by the title, by the end of 52 weeks, you’ll end up saving $5,000.

This challenge along with keeping track of everything in my bullet journal helps make keeping track of my money fun, instead of feeling like a task.

If you’re interested in money saving tips, make sure you read my article 36 Practical Money-Saving Hacks for Cheapskates.

Below, I’m sharing 12 creative bullet journal money trackers.

But before I get into the bullet journal money trackers, here are a few of my favorite bullet journal tools.

Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Leuchtturm1917: This is my all-time favorite notebook to use for journaling. There’s no better journal in my opinion.
  • iBayam Colored Pens: I love these pens. They’re affordable, you get just the right amount of colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to colored pens for my bullet journal.
  • Journal Stencils: When I first began journaling, I wondered how people made such perfect shapes in their journals. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered these journal stencils.

There are so many bullet journal tools out there for you to try. Test out different tools until you find your tried-and-true tools. Have fun!

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12 Bullet Journal Trackers to Manage Your Money

bullet journal money tracker

This is one of my favorite savings trackers. This tracker allows you to keep track of the date and the amount of money saved.

Credit: @sugarpandaco

budget review

Here’s a creative way to manage your monthly budget. You’ll keep track of your budget and how much you actually spent at the end of each month.

Credit: @the_younique_bullet

monopoly money tracker

This tracker allows you to manage your monthly spending and savings goals. I love the addition of Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly.

Credit: @cardigansandchamomile

monthly expenses

I love the design and colors used for this monthly budget tracker. A great spread can encourage you to keep track of your finances.

Credit: @mochibujo

April budget page

This budget spread is a simple way to to track your monthly budget and expenses. You can add more detail to your spread if you’d like.

Credit: @kadyplansit

savings tracker

This is a money saving challenge of sorts. This tracker allows you to keep track of your goal to saving $4,000 (or whatever your financial goal is).

Credit: @rayneorshine_bujo

august money challenge

This spread includes two different monthly trackers. There’s a money challenge and a health challenge. I love the colors used in these trackers.

Credit: @jashiicorrin

utility bill tracker

If you would like to lower your utility bills, consider creating a tracker that allows you to keep track of how much you spend on utilities.

Credit: @my_blue_sky_design

january budget tracker

This tracker is like the April tracker above, but I wanted to include it because it shows you different types of things that you can track. Feel free to add color to your tracker.

Credit: @kadyplansit

spending log

Keep track of your monthly spending with this simple spending log. It would be fun to play around with your header design for this spread.

Credit: @bobbis_bujo

money goal jar

Use a tracker like this to help you reach your ultimate savings goal. Use a different color for each goal reached. “Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.”

Credit: @thejournallife

expenses tracker

I love the colors and graphics used for this tracker finance tracker. This tracker tracks your income, bills, expenses, debt and savings.

Credit: @kaylareneejournals