11 Absolutely Necessary Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms

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When you’re a new mom, you don’t know what breastfeeding essentials you need. I know I had no idea what was needed.

I have been breastfeeding 11 months now that no way makes me a pro, but I do know the essentials I used. To me, these are products I couldn’t live without and make life so much easier.

Here are my recommended breastfeeding essentials.

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Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms

1. Boppy Pillow

This is an absolute must-have. Having to hold your baby the whole time while nursing can get exhausting. Having one of these helps take the strain off your arms. It also is a multi-purpose item as you can use it for tummy time, helping with sitting up and positioning. I personally love the one where you can change the slipcover. It helps to be able to wash them as you will spill milk.

bobby pillow

2. Nursing Pads

You definitely need these. I am 11 months in and still use them sometimes. I had to go through 10 boxes of 100 disposable nursing pads. These are something that when it comes to the brand, it depends on personal choice. I know I didn’t have them at first and when my milk came in yikes it flooded my shirt agh.

nursing pads

3. Nursing Bra

Your breast will grow. I tripled in size once my milk came in. I couldn’t fit any of my maternity bras so went bra-less for a while. You can use regular bras, but I recommend nursing bras. It makes it so much easier as you can unclip the cup to pull down. Rather than having to take your bra fully off the shoulder or be uncomfortable trying to have it hang out the top.

nursing bra

4. Breast Pump

Even if you plan on exclusively breastfeeding, you need a breast pump. This is the only way you will ever get a break. Being able to pump out a bottle and letting someone else feed them while you nap is an absolute blessing. Check with your insurance as some will pay for it and have it sent once you deliver or before. I personally have the Ameda, but this is something that also is a personal choice.

breast pump

5. Milk Storage Bags

If you pump you’re going to need something to store your milk in. The best thing to do is buy milk storage bags. It makes it easier to store and saves space.

breastmilk storage bags

6. Bottles

You have to have bottles if you plan on pumping.


7. Nipple cream

This is definitely something I recommend. I got cracked nipples from my son not latching properly. This helped so much with that and was a definite relief during the first couple weeks.

nipple cream

8. Nipple Shield

Not everyone needs one, but they are something you’re going to want if you have flat or inverted nipples. This helps your baby be able to latch.

nipple shield

9. Nursing Cover-Up

This is optional as some are comfortable not using one. I personally use one, but that is for my own comfort.

nursing cover up

10. Milk Savers

It catches any milk that may leak while you are nursing on the other side.

breastfeeding hack - milk savers

11. Nursing Postnatal Vitamins

It is best to continue your prenatal vitamins if you are still nursing or you can take nursing postnatal vitamins. I became malnourished because I didn’t take either at the beginning.

postnatal vitamins

I hope this helps you on your breastfeeding journey. I have all of these items, and that is it. Besides these items, I really didn’t need anything. Some of these are absolutely necessary breastfeeding essentials while others are optional.