10 Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs

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There are certain items that are considered postpartum essentials. While I was pregnant, I prepared as much as possible for life after pregnancy. Through experience, I’ve learned that you will never know precisely what you need until you actually need it. Go figure.

While you can never bet completely prepared for your life as a new mom, there are some items that I consider must-have postpartum essentials.

These items can go a long way in making you more comfortable and prepared after giving birth.

I’ve rounded up a list of 10 postpartum essentials that every mom should have.

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Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs

1. Tummy Control Underwear


The hospital will probably give you a few pair of mesh underwear.  I recommend having your own stash of comfortable tummy control underwear. These underwear are also suitable for postpartum c-section recovery.

2. Disposable Underwear

disposable underwear

You’ll bleed a fair amount after delivery. This bleeding can last for up to a month, though it’s usually it’s heaviest in the first week or so. I don’t like how the giant maxi pads fit in my underwear, so prefer to wear disposable underwear.

3. Donut Cushion

donut cushion

A donut cushion is a lifesaver for any discomfort you may deal with when sitting on your perineal area.

4. Peri Bottle

peri bottle

The peri bottle will help you cleanse and wash your perineal area. When you leave the hospital, they will probably give you a peri bottle to take home. I like this particular bottle because of it’s angled design.

5. Perineal Ice & Heat Packs

perineal paks

These perineal packs are a must-have for postpartum moms. These ice packs will help bring relief to c-section pain, perineal tears, stitches, and more.

6. Nipple Cream

nipple cream

Nipple cream will help soothe sore, dry, and cracked nipples. Motherlove Nipple Cream is highly rated among breastfeeding moms.

7. Sitz Bath Soak

sitz bath soak

A sitz bath can be very beneficial for postpartum recovery. This type of bath involves sitting in just enough water to cover your hips. You don’t need to add anything to the water in order to experience the amazing benefits of this type of bath. There are quite a few reasons why postpartum women should take sitz baths.

8. Nursing Pads

nursing pads

Nursing pads will protect your clothing by absorbing any milk that leaks from your breasts.

9. Swaddle


Studies have shown that babies that are swaddled sleep better and longer. However, did you know that it’s not recommended that you wrap babies tightly around the hips and legs? The Love to Dream Swaddle UP allows you to safely swaddle your baby, giving you both a good nights sleep.

10. Night Light and Sound Machine

night light sound machine

This night light and sound machine helps promote restful sleep. The soft light that it gives off is perfect for nighttime feedings and diaper changes.