10 Baby Products That You Don’t Need

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Ask any veteran new mom, and she’ll have a list of things she thought were going to be so important to have–she may have even spent late nights tracking said items down on Amazon–that you really don’t need when you’re bringing a baby home.

Registry checklists are full of products you simply “must-have” but every time I see a pacifier holder bag on a rundown of the things you can’t forget before your baby makes his grand debut, I roll my eyes.

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I’m all for getting the minimum when it comes to baby products and then adding on as your baby has new needs and desires, so as not to have a bunch of baby products you may never use, collecting dust in the corner of your living room.

While every baby is different, and therefore every baby’s needs are different, these are ten things you really don’t need.

1. Changing table: Chances are, you’ll have a dresser in the nursery to store all the cute little onesies. Make that thing pull double duty!

Not only will you free up floor space, which will be great when baby starts crawling around, but you’ll save money, eliminating a big piece of furniture from your must-purchase list.

2. Wipes warmer: It’s a cliche for a reason, but I promise you really don’t need a warmer for your wipes. It’ll just make it that much harder to change your baby when you’re out running errands in January.

3. Baby laundry detergent: Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider your baby when buying your detergent. You may want to switch to something unscented and a little less harsh; however, you do not need to purchase the expensive, made for baby laundry detergent.

You’ll be doing so much laundry, your clothes with the baby’s clothes, and you’ll want something that won’t break the bank OR make you smell like a newborn.

4. Make-your-own-baby-food gear: While there are a few products out there that do make making baby food easy, I promise that a regular food processor and an ice cube tray work just as well.

And bonus: the food processor usually has a lot more space, meaning you’re able to use it for your dinner too!

5. Nursing stool: I didn’t even realize this was a thing until I was pregnant with my first son, and then I panicked because I thought I was going to fail at parenting because I didn’t even realize I needed one of these. Guess what? I didn’t.

I got a beautiful (non-baby themed) ottoman that I have now re-homed in my office. Don’t get a designated nursing stool, go to the home section, and pick out a cute ottoman.

6. Bouncer and Jumper and Exersaucer: Baby stuff is big, and it can take over your house quickly if you’re not careful. All three of these products fulfill the same need, so do yourself a favor and pick out just one.

7. Bath kneeler: Yes, you will be kneeling to give your child a bath, especially as he grows older, but rest assured that a folded up towel will do the trick just as well, if not better, than a dedicated bath kneeler.

8. CDs: I see these on every registry checklist and scratch my head every time. I’m all for playing music for your baby as it’s been shown to be good for them; however, there are many apps out there that make streaming music (even stuff your baby will enjoy!) much easier than popping in a CD.

And with your baby’s changing likes and dislikes, you won’t want to buy a few CDs only to find they don’t soothe your baby as promised.

9. Nightlight: Simply put, your baby won’t even realize you left a nightlight on for him unless it’s keeping him awake.

10. Two diaper bags: This may be controversial if both mom and dad would like separate bags, and if you’re in that boat, I say go for it! Have two bags.

The only suggestion I make is to have two sets of everything; fill each bag completely, so you don’t have to move it all back and forth between the two. Otherwise, just register for one gender-neutral bag!

What baby products did you find to be completely superfluous? There is one for everything, and we promise we won’t convince you you need things you don’t!